East coast Fife. Scotland.

Light nights, BBQ time, singing birds and better weather. The flowers are growing big and tall with the weather becoming a little less wet.
Walking along the coast line of fife is amazing. Small paths lead you around old ruins, where kings and queens built grand castles. Enough still stands to understand what once was and still is so beautiful.

20120730-043747 PM.jpg
The views over to Edinburgh are stunning, from points around the coast you are able to sneak a peak at the Forth road bridge standing ever so tall and proud to connect Fife with Edinburgh.

20120730-044405 PM.jpg

20120730-072953 PM.jpg
Scottish thistles hug the paths, as you follow the coast line. Lovely purple bunches stand strong against the strong east coast winds.

20120730-073420 PM.jpg


One thought on “East coast Fife. Scotland.

  1. I was able to connect to your site,Cindy, and will follow. These photos are so beautiful. It looks a lot like where I like in Western North Carolina-especially before the wealthy came and ruined the beautiful rural valley I grew up in. The flowers are even familiar. The castle in the background gives a haunting quality to the photography. It makes me want to come there. Being plane-shy, I doubt I ever do, but photos like yours let me visit through them. I will definitely be looking at your site in the future. Again, thanks for your support on my blog, I hope you find other interesting articles as well. beebeesworld

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