My name is Cindy.

Hello nice to meet you, my name is Cindy.
It all started about 6 years at University in Aberdeen. Being a new Canadian to Scotland my accent was slightly funny sounding, turning heads and the always amusing question … being asked, where was I from? Are you American?
I moved in with a bunch of Irish girls. Lovely, becoming almost family. The flat across the road, almost housed the rest of the Irish students who came to study in Scotland. So, I became one of them. The Canadian with a funny accent who started to sound slightly Irish. For some random reason, one drunken night. An Irish man mistook my name for ‘Sidney’ so the standing joke stayed.
A few years passed, University ended. However, my name still seemed to confuse people. Even more when Starbucks started asking the dreaded question, ‘can I have your name please’ you know they want to connect more with their customers and that…. Well.
I’m sure the next few images show enough.

20120831-111436 AM.jpg

20120831-111507 AM.jpg

20120831-111357 AM.jpg

20120831-111418 AM.jpg

20120831-111452 AM.jpg

20120831-112125 AM.jpg

I really don’t think my name is hard to understand. Some people like to link
It with Barbie, or the famous singers and actress/models with the same first names. Another mind numbing experience.


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