A day in a life as an Upholsterer

I have started my final semester as of yesterday. Eager to get my hands on this bad boy.  This large Victorian Wingback arm chair. I found this gem in Prestonpans  a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. It was a challenge of its own trying arrange getting this home. A little help from my dad, we chucked this in the back of our car and drove home back to Fife with half of it hanging out the back of our trunk. To our surprise we got it home in one.


I study in a small converted mill, making my Wednesday’s a very pleasant time. The surrounding landscape is untouched, fresh and peaceful to glance at when we have our lunch. I enjoy sneaking out at times to have some time to  what i have been working on. This image is something special to collect thoughts and ideas while on lunch.


I spent the better part of yesterday stripping down my Armchair, taking layers off. Finding what was used last to Upholster the chair, what people had eaten… and played with last. Yes! I have been the lucky person to find ; a working pen, a penny, a candy wrapper, and a fortune cookie paper. These finds made my day better, as i took this chair down to its bare bones i came across life, stories and history it once had.

However, I came across something special. Something, that I have found once or twice before. This made me take a step back and have a real good look at what was in front of me, a chair that has been around for over 100 years.


Purves Upholstered Melrose Dec 1891


What a lovely find, a part of history deep beneath the layers hand written in pencil on the inside of the arm. This chair has become a little older then what I suspected making it late Victorian. Handmade locally in Melrose a small village near the scottish borders.

History has always fascinated me. Now I have a part of it.

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